how the weekend went

I'm copying my sister & checking off what I accomplished this weekend.
    • return dead hard drive to benson systems for replacement (thank god it's under warranty)
    • groceries 
    • start laundry 
    • clean up the house still could use some cleaning though
    • morning hike up Silly Mountain with the pups such a wonderful hike! I'll post pictures/go into more detail later
    • more laundry/cleaning around the house
    • dinner and seeing comedian iliza shlesinger at the tempe improv with scegan sooo much fun! had a great time laughing my ass off and hanging with my family
    • dog park with the pups
    • pick out & plant a eucalyptus tree in our backyard we ended up buying several trees - a local(ish) nursery was having a end of the summer sale and we got a pretty good deal on a package: a huge (4-6 years old) eucalyptus, a huge ficus, a super (1-3 years old) african sumac, and 5 different shrubs. we pretty much have all the plants we need for our backyard now and the nursery will do the planting for us! (not until the end of the month though, poo.)
    • give bentley (our new car) a bath probably the most torturous task of the weekend - I was absolutely exhausted when I was done. and my nails still have dirt underneath. ew.
    • relax & watch movies/catch up on our favorite tv shows saw law abiding citizen which I liked and watched some desperate housewives and teen mom
    • morning hike on favorite trail through Superstition Mountains with the pups
    • one of the following:
      • Phoenix Zoo & Desert Botanical Gardens
      • Golfland & walking around downtown
      • D-backs vs. Giants game
      • swimming & bbqing at my parent's (hopefully we can get pepper in the water now that she's older/bigger) pepper did sooo much swimming it was awesome! (pics later) and we had a good time playing charades (my dad did a great rattlesnake - too bad no one got it) and perfect ten (a fun trivia game).
I think overall we did pretty good. we didn't go anywhere monday except to my parent's but it was nice and relaxing and we still had a lot of fun. we also didn't do our hike around the superstitions but that was mainly because we were both pretty sore (me from washing my car and chris from jogging with the dogs). I told chris that I felt like the weekend was going by slower since we were doing stuff and he agreed. we also agreed that we had a pretty awesome weekend and enjoyed each other's company. we hardly fought too! we decided we're going to try to spend every weekend like this last one.

this week is a short week (thankfully) and we have our counselling appointment on saturday. I'm nervous as hay, but also really anxious. hopefully I can stay sane throughout the week.

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  1. It was a great weekend! So much fun. :) I was curious what kinds of trees you got. The African sumac is so pretty (at least according to Google Images :) )


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