What If We Could

So today I had to drive Chris across town to see a neurologist. We had to miss out 9:30 class because it was the only time Chris could fit in his busy Tuesday schedule. It wasn't a big deal because I figured they would be able to help Chris in some way. So even though I was beyond tired I was up to it.

As I was waiting in the waiting room at the neurology clinic I saw a young man come out of the office. I overheard him tell his mother that they needed to make another appointment or something & I heard her say something about "if you didn't have that seizure..." I couldn't really make it out. But then I saw the mother break into tears. And I heard the son ask "what's wrong?" And then I heard the mother say that she didn't know how she was going to pay for this. And my heart broke. Here is a son who has some medical condition that he has no control over and here is a mother struggling to pay the bills for his treatment. Something's not right. It's not like the boy chose to have a seizure. So why do they have to suffer? And then I realized that that's probably not going to be me. I'm probably not going to have any problems paying medical bills if I need to. Because Chris & I will have very well paying jobs. And that's not fair either. And then I determined, right there in the waiting room, that I'm going to be generous with my money. I'm not going to be greedy like Chris. I'm going to share my wealth - whether it be a scholarship or just donating money for medical insurance or research. Just think of the difference we could make in someone's live? It's exciting.

Anyways, after over an hour of trying to not fall asleep, Chris came out. The news? Nothing. He didn't have anything to say. I was pretty annoyed since I woke up early & missed my class to take him to this doctor's appointment. And it seemed pretty useless and uninformative. Lame.

But I guess we'll see.

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