Skeptics and True Believers

I did some more driving today. Basically because Chris made me. I think he's purposely finding places that he "needs" to go just to make me drive. That's ok, I'm secretly enjoying it.

We went and saw State of Play tonight. It was long. And I spent most of the time thinking about how cold my feet were and how I wish I had a thicker sweater. So overall it was eh. A lot of lies and skeptics and such. But I enjoyed getting out of the house with Chris. Then I come home to a new bowl filled with bacon grease. I was livid. Chris made bacon for me this morning & I used an old can (of beans or something) to drain the grease in. I then left the can on the stove so that whoever needs to drain their grease can use a disposable container. Well, that person decided to dispose of my container & fill a bowl. Now I was mainly livid because I believe the bowl was ours & I felt they were doing it to just fuck with me. Then Chris informed me that the bowl was theirs. Whoops. Then he told me about how one day Greg left a note on the white board on our fridge stating how annoyed he was that we were using his "favorite" bowls for the dog. Ginger's water dish, I learned, is not our bowl. It is one of theirs. Another whoops. My bad. So to avoid being hypocrite I washed out his bowl and replaced Ginger's water dish with one of my mom's tupperware containers. I don't believe I was a hypocrite earlier because I was unaware of my hypocrisy.

But regardless, you shouldn't drain bacon grease in dishes. That's still gross regardless of whose it is. And as for my snowman coffee mug - still filled with grease today. That is until Chris decided to clean it. That's a whole week of disgusting bacon grease thickening in my "favorite" coffee mug.

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