start of a bad week and it's only Monday.

Blogging isn't exactly my thing. I don't read them and I certainly don't write them. But I have so many built up emotions and frustrations and feelings inside me I need some way of letting it out. An honestly, I get so frustrated with my handwriting sometimes that it prevents me from writing in a journal. So I'm leaving the old-school and going into the 21st century.

I need to be able to vent about things and people. Mainly people. People annoy me. Some people have no respect or consideration for others. My parents weren't always on my back about everything - they were pretty laid back and laxed - yet they still taught me to respect people.

But I don't really want to get into the lack of respect people have these days. My week has just begun and I feel like it already sucks. First, I realize I left my drivers license, school i.d., debit card, & credit card at home. My most important cards I leave at home. (Home = Apache Juncti
on) I got over it quickly since I had to get to class for my statics test. Now I'm not an expert in statics, but I did study over the weekend and felt pretty confident I would do ok. Boy was I wrong.

But that lovely experience was after a, what must be amazingly bored, cop got mad at me for taking a "long" left hand turn. Now usually I (on a bicycle) just go down Mabel and cross Euclid but sometimes I catch rush hour and Euclid is one of the hardest streets to cross during rush hour. Since I had an exam to go to, I decided to just go with the traffic in my bike lane and cross Speedway. Then make my way to the bike lane on Speedway to cross Euclid. Now I'm waiting - in the bike lane - for the light to turn green when a motorcycle cop - who was trying to catch speeders on the corner - got my attention to te
ll me that I have to walk my bike in the crosswalk. I politely told him that I was in the bike lane (knowing I don't have to walk my bike in the bike lane) and then he told me that if I want to make a left hand turn I have to go into the left lane and make it just like cars do. Ok. First of all traffic is bad and if I wanted to cross 2 lanes of traffic to get in the left hand turn lane I would have just cross Euclid at Mabel. Drivers aren't exactly willing to left bicyclists cross lanes of traffic or anything really so why would I risk my life to weave through busy traffic? I wouldn't think a police officer would encourage someone to dodge traffic to make a left hand turn. Plus, everything I was doing was completely legal. I was annoyed by just walked my bike (even though someone came up behind me riding their bike in the crosswalk) across Euclid. I had a test to get to. It's not a huge deal, but it was definitely annoying. I think he was just bored because no one was speeding (go figure - it's hard to speed in busy traffic).

Then I got to my test. It should have been simple since you have basically 3 equations to know but for some reason I got confused and spent forever trying to figure out what I was supposed to do first. I always have trouble with the first step. After the first step I'm fine, but understanding what I'm supposed to do is hard. I felt like an idiot, needlesstosay. And probably failed it pretty bad.

The rest of my day was mediocre. Went to the store. Did laundry. Tried to start my safety statement (again with no progress). Made dinner. Then I was reminded that my dear Chris was leaving Wednesday morning and returning Friday night. What sucks most is that we've been trying to eat healthy for the past couple of weeks and I even went & bought a cookbook and have been trying/cooking meals from it. I think I've been doing pretty good and I actually enjoy doing it. And sometimes Chris & I will make something together - it's really kinda brought us just a tad bit closer. I also planned out dinners for the rest of the week - just to find out that I'd be eating them alone. Plus it wouldn't be such a big deal that he's leaving if I knew he would call me while he was gone. Whenever we're apart (i.e. when I'm home for a weekend) he never calls an
d I'm left wondering why. Sure, you may think Well, why don't you call him? and sometimes I do - but I usually get his voicemail because he's either on a bike ride with his dad or out with his friends (depending on the time of day). The fact that he only goes out to the bars and stuff when I leave cause some suspicion to begin with, but when I don't hear from him for multiple days it just causes worry and concern. I do worry alot. But I have this idea that people in love call each other just to say "hi" or "goodnight". Not Chris though. When I brought this up over the weekend he thought I cared what he was doing and that I wanted to keep tabs on him. Yeah, no. I'm ok with him going out with his friends. (As long as he takes me out every now & then.) And I don't need to know ever little detail (but if it's kinda exciting I would think you would like to tell me - like seeing when I live in the movie Twilight or whatever). But I would like to know you're still alive and that you know I still exist. I don't even want a long conversation. Just a "goodnight". Especially if you call when you get back from going out (which I don't mind either).

Wow, that was a major tangent. Anyways, Chris is flying to Salt Lake, driving to Elko, and then some other stuff. (He's told me several times what his itinerary is but my brain must not care enough to store it in my memory.) It's a field trip for his class. How lame is that? Missing 3 days of school for a field trip to see mines. Open mines are all the same. You see one & you've pretty much seen them all. Underground mines might not all be exactly the same, but you get the idea after seeing one. So he's going to be gone 3 days - missing 3 days of school - to basically learn nothing. Lame. & If you don't go you have to write several papers. Even more lame. I'm glad I'm not a mining engineer. Sometimes...

So I guess my week isn't that bad, but it isn't the greatest either. It's mainly just starting out with many annoyances. I'm sure it can't get much worse.

We had a BBQ at my parents house yesterday for easter. Now prepare yourself for the most adorable baby girl:baby Lorelai. :-) Happy b-lated Easter.

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