Yes, I'm gonna be a star

If you are unaware, the above title is a lyric from The Beatles "Drive My Car." (& if you are one of those who are unaware, I am greatly disappointed.)

Today, we (my senior design group), had an interview with some TV channel about our solar heating project. It was ok. I doubt they'll use any of my footage just because I'm sure they have something better to use. They're not going to show it until like June or July so I'm sure I'll forget about it by then. But it was somewhat exciting. I did a lot of faking and pretending I was doing something important. But you never know - it may make me a star someday.

So my frustration of the day is the ability for the kitchen to get dirty so quickly. Some background: I live in a house with 4 other people, a baby, and a dog. It's a 4 bedroom house. There's Amanda & Greg (another engaged couple), Arica, & my Chris. Then there's the baby Jack (Amanda & Greg's) and our (Chris & mine) dog, Ginger. There's usually a lot of drama and sometimes I feel like we could have a very successful reality show. Anyways, after I finished with dinner last night (that was delicious & that I made) I cleaned up. Like any adult who lives in a shared home would. I wake up in the morning to dirty dishes and pans in the sink and on the counter. It's amazing - like magic even. They (now I'm speaking of Amanda & Greg) don't even rinse off their plates. It's always covered with food and/or some kind of sauce. (We don't have a garbage disposal here and so we have a rule to clean off plates & dishes in the trash - they refuse to do so & so our sinks are usually clogged with food.) To top it off, I find one of my favorite coffee mugs (that I sometimes drink coffee out of) that's shaped like the head of a snowman (another coffee mug is the body) filled with bacon grease. Gross. Absolutely gross. First of all, why don't you use one of your own coffee mugs rather than someone elses. And for that matter, why do you have to use a coffee mug at all? Why not use a used aluminum can, a pickle jar, or some other reausable, disposable type of container? And second of all, why don't you clean out the cup sometime? This isn't the first time they've used our (Chris & mine) coffee cups. & they leave them on the stove & add more for days and weeks until Chris &/or I get so disgusted that we go through the grueling process of cleaning it out. Dammit, if you're going to do something as messed up as dumping your used grease in someone else's coffee mugs - that they use - at least have the consideration to clean them! Maybe I'm over-reacting.

But most likely not. That's just wrong and absolutely disgusting.

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