Can't take it

I think I really need to stop being so judgmental. I mean, I try not to be a hypocrite - I try to preach giving people a chance and sometimes I don't think I give people a fair trial.

But then at the same time I feel like I've given people the benefit of the doubt and they fail. I believe I'm a reasonable person. I'm aware that I don't know everyone's situation. But there's some things that even after being brought up, have not been adjusted. Some times people don't realize that they live with other people and that they have to respect not only their stuff but their privacy. It is not ok to decide to do a load of laundry at 11:30 at night when the washer & dryer are right next to someone's - who is trying to sleep - room. It is not ok to leave someone else's cutting board that is covered with the tomato juice, or meat juice, or fresh herbs, or whatever you cut on it, out on the counter or in the sink, uncleaned. Cutting boards are wood. Everything you cut on them soaks through and into the wood. The sooner you wash it, the easier it comes out. The later you wash it, the more likely the stuff you cut on it will stain the wood. It is not ok to empty the dishwasher at 8 in the morning when people are sleeping not more than 20 feet from the kitchen. It is not ok have your bass on yout stero turned up really loud late a night. It's not necessary to dry every load of laundry you do - big or small - on the "high heat, more dry" setting. It's a waste of energy and your stuff will get dry on just "high heat, regular dry." If it doesn't, then maybe try doing a smaller load. If it's really think stuff, like a quilt, then fine. But it's not. And it's not ok to "boil" water for 15+ minutes. It doesn't take 15 minutes for water to boil. If you're going to do something else & walk away then you're not really ready to make dinner. Another waste of energy. It's stuff like that, that I see as common sense, that other people just don't realize. And then I'll get the comeback that if they want to dry their clothing extra long on high heat then they can. No. You clearly don't get how things work in a shared household. Utilities are split up. Evenly. Utilities include gas. The washer & dryer & stove & oven all run on gas. Therefore if you chose to dry your clothing extra long when it doesn't need to be, then other people are paying for your gas that you're wasting. That's not fair. That's not cool. And some people just don't get it.

Now I know I need to cool down when it comes to people using my dishes. It's bound to happen. And I really don't mind if they use my dishes as long as they clean them out afterwards. I clean everyone else's dishes when I use them. It's not hard.

And when you do laundry, do laundry. Don't decide to do hours of errands once you start a load. It's ok to do something else in another room - every one does - no one stands in front of the dryer waiting for it to end. But be responsible and remember that you're doing laundry. If there's been several instances when people ask if you can move your stuff out of the dryer, then maybe set an alarm next time. Something to remind you. I'm tired of finishing people's laundry because they forget about it. And I shouldn't have to put my whole laundry on hold because someone forgets about it. I'm not saying they forgot for 10 minutes or even a couple of hours after it's been done. But several hours or even a day or two. And back to people who decide to start a load at 11:30 or so at night. You never finish it anyways so why not just wait until morning? Stop keeping me up because you think you're being productive or because you forgot to do it earlier.

That's when I try to understand people situation but I'm tired trying to defend people. You live in a house with roommates and you need to be responsible and restful and considerate. You just need to realize that and remember it.

I know Chris has talked to these people before and they refuse to take his suggestions into consideration. Or they feel like they have the right. Yes, you have the right by law, but since you live in a shared house, you should be considerate. It's just common sense. I think. If I didn't have a not so great past with some of the individuals, I would feel more comfortable letting them know some of these issues...

I think that sums up my frustrations pretty well. I don't hate these people. I don't think they're bad people. I just think sometimes I'm the only one in this house with common sense. And sometimes I just think people forget that they need to be considerate at all times.

I think I'm going to be relatively unhappy until my living situation changes. It's frustrating. I feel like no one respects me or my property. I feel like people are inconsiderate. And I feel like no one takes the time to really understand me. (How emo-ish of me to say, I know.) I'm a pretty awesome girl with a fun personality. Just ask any of my friends. But when you don't take the time to hang out with me or interact with me, I feel kind of insulted. You don't have to lock yourself in your room all day. You don't have to panic when your child wanders in the room where I'm watching TV. I'm not going to let him electrocute himself or anything.

I guess I thought - when the roommates were being decided & such - that we would all get along and hang out alot in the house and play board games and such. And I thought people would learn to trust me to play with their baby when they want some alone time. I understand. I play with baby Lorelai all the time. I guess I just thought we would be like a little dysfunctional family that did some stuff together. That's definitely not how it turned out at all...

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