meet me at the matinee

When I awoke this morning I checked my facebook to find a status update from an old friend from high school, Becky Miller (now -White), stating that she had an extra ticket to Franz Ferdinand in Tucson if anyone wanted to go. Well, by golly, I'm already in Tucson, I thought as I sent her a message letting her know. 6 or so hours later I'm meeting up with her, eating greasy pizza at Brooklyn Pizza on 4th, catching up on the past 4 years of our lives. Because I haven't seen or talk to her since we graduated high school. Four years ago. So needless to say, we had a lot to catch up about.

And it was amazing. I had so much fun and such a good time chatting with her. It was great. And some people would say how much has changed, but she hasn't changed one bit. Just grown older. And we agreed that's how it's supposed to be. People grow up. They don't change. Just become adults. And we also agreed that that's the problem with a lot of people we knew in high school - they changed rather than grew up. Such a pity.

Then we headed to the Rialto - had a couple of drinks. I learned that Ace Pear Cider is delicious. Had a couple of those. And we danced our asses off to an amazing show that Franz Ferdinand put on. It was so amazing. So much energy and lights. I loved every second of it. And of course, as an Alicia tradition, I met, took pictures, & had the lead singer sign my ticket. He's a pretty sexy scotish man, I must say.

So thank you Becky for giving me such a great and amazing experience that I loved so much.

I've had too much to drink...

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