my addictions at the moment

can I say "nom nom nom?"
their tacos (yes, I do not get their burritos) easily satisfies any fast-food craving I may have throughout the week (and I usually have A LOT). if only there was a closer one, although we'll still make the drive for it a couple times a week. like *ahem* now.

teavana teas.
we had to make a special trip for this place too, but it was well worth it. they have so many wonderful flavors. (jasmine & youthberry are my favorites so far.) I love having a little cup of tea with breakfast to get me ready for the day and when I get home from a long day at work to relax.

aaron rodgers.
every week I am thankful that I get another week to see his beautiful smile and eyes.... 
no but seriously. this man is not only sexy and rugged but an amazing quarterback. I love watching him and green bay play. ♥

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  1. Here's hoping the Packers win, just based on the QBs alone. :)


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