challenge life: getting back on track

after yet another falling out this weekend (probably one of our worsts as I stayed at my parents for the night) things are starting to look up. last night, I had one of the best nights with chris that I've had in a while. I don't want to get too excited though in fear of jinxing this anomaly (that hopefully becomes normal) but here's an overview of how our night went. it was simple, but I really enjoyed it.

we got home from work and he decided to go on a bike ride. I took advantage of him being gone for an hour to watch teen mom 2 (he HATES that show so much that I'm not allowed to watch it when he's home). by the way, I definitely cried a little bit.

after he got home and showered we went to chipotle!! not only did I get to enjoy scrumptious, to-die-for, food, but chris and I chatted the whole ride there, while eating, and the whole ride back. marvelous. simply marvelous.

afterwards we stopped by my parents to see how my dad's first day of work went. it's so amazing to see him so excited. there are no words to express how grateful I am that he's back to his old self.

we then went back home. he took the dogs on a walk while I put some music on my computer and got ready for bed. when he got back, we cuddled up with the puppy and watched pitbulls and parolees.

again, it was a simple, pretty laid back night, but we really talked and enjoyed each other's company. rather than just tolerating each other. and for the first time in a loooonnnng time, I got a slight glimmer of hope that maybe we'll make it through. after everything that we've been through, I'd hate to throw it all away. we worked so hard, together, to get where we're at. in our own house. with our degrees. with our careers. everything I have built and become he has been a huge part in. I thought I would be fine if things didn't work out now. but the other night (after not talking to him all weekend) it really hit me hard. I realized that it would be really extremely difficult to live without him.

so hopefully now we can get back on track with my challenge for the month. it's never too late to try to reconnect with your love.

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