but now I see, oh whoah, because I'm sitting on top of the world

I'm telling you: 2009 is my year. Which is very unexpected considering the year started off extremely shitty (had to attend my tata's funeral on Jan. 2nd). But it's starting to turn out amazing. Maybe it's my tata's way of saying, "I'm gonna be ok - continue living and improving your life and being the best you can be." It's nice to think he's looking over me in that way.

I bought my own car today. That's right. We went down to this used car lot to look at this Kia Spectra and I thought
 it was super cute and perfect for me. But we decided to look at a couple of other places first. Well, by the time I went back there (like a couple of hours later) someone else had the car on a test drive. I was really bummed because I thought it was the perfect car for me. And then when I was told that the other people were going to purchase the car, I was slightly heart broken. Chris insisted we take a look at the other cars in the lot to see if there was anything else I liked but by then I just really didn't care anymore. I really didn't think I could find a car that I would fall in love with as much as the Kia. The Chris saw a Chevy Impala and asked to take it on a test drive. I thought it was a nice looking car but wasn't completely convinced yet. Then on the test drive (I made him take it because I was a little chicken) I saw the interi
or - which was amazing: it looked as if the car was driven once - and saw all the cool things it had and got excited. When we got back and I talked to my dad and Roy about it and I looked at it some more, I feel in love with it.

Needless to say, we bought it. I say we, because it was technically Chris's money at the moment (I'll pay him back 
after a couple of paychecks). But it is my car. I got to drive it home and it drives wonderfully. I mean, it's so smooth and awesome. And I can blast my music when I want to. I can "sparky it up" as Roy says. I can drive it to Phoenix to see friends whenever I want (as long as I don't have to work). I can drive it to Jack in the Box when I'm craving tacos at midnight. I can do whatever I want with it! I loves it.

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