Don't know what I was looking for when I went home...

This has been quite an awesome and amazing week, well, last week was. First I finish my semester with my last final: statics. Then I get to see one of my favorite bands in Tempe. Amazing. Sure it was small and not many people there, but I still had a blast. And I got to hang with my good ol' buddy, Roy. (Too bad Chris couldn't make it...) 

And then I "graduate" from Chemical Engineering. Four years of challenges and roller coaster rides (good thing I like roller coasters) and now I'm done. For the most part. Ok, technically, I'm not a UA alumni just yet, I still have one final semester. But that final semester includes electives: dynamic meteorology, mineral processing, and possible another mineral processing class; with some filler (to be a full time student): weather and climate, the physical universe, and criminology. Not completely certain if I'm taking all those classes or not, but that's the jist of it. The moral of the story is that it's going to be an easy semester with not chemical engineering courses. So I'm pretty much done with chemical engineering, now I just gotta get the number of credits I need to graduate. Regardless, I had my ChEE pre-commencement ceremony on Friday and that's basically the last time I'll see my ChEE professors and my classmates. 

I also received a $1500 scholarship which is always nice to get some money. That same day I finally got my tax return back. Then today, I finally get my license! Haha, so what if it took me a little longer than most people. I finally did it. I am now, officially an adult. Ok maybe I'll be an official adult when I get a full-time job. Well, I'm getting there. Now I don't have to depend on people to drive me places. Woohoo! 
Yes, it's been a good week. And it's only Monday. Man it feels good to be back home.

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