something of value but something untrue

It has been officialized. We have been officialized. And quite unexpectedly. I did not expect him to cave in yet. Sure, I had a feeling he was starting to feel something strong - especially after the weekend we spent together. But I didn't think he was ready just yet. Mainly because he told me he wasn't ready to commit yet. And as I've said, I was perfectly ok with that. But then last Friday came around and he insisted that I come over (usually, Friday nights are his nights to relax & I'll spend Saturday night and/or Sunday with him). And so I did. And as soon as I got there, I knew something was up. He said he had a bad day. Why? I asked. Because of the previous night.

Previously, the night before...After having dinner with some of the other interns, Jenna & Pui Foon, and Chris & Roy, Chris, Roy, & I decided to go out to Club Congress. It was pretty much the first time I really gone out in Tucson and figured it'd be a nice way to meet new people and just relax & have a good time. So we had a few drinks at my house first while playing Wii bowling, then headed over to CC. I was already pretty tipsy and then had a couple more drinks. Met up with my other friend Chris (Chris S. to be exact) and ran into Finn briefly. And overall I had a good time. Except for the awkwardness of dancing with my ex & best friend. But in the midst of it all, I kept in contact with TJ. He asked if I was driving - I said no, Roy was. And he said, "he better not hurt you." I informed Roy of this and Roy replies with "or what?" Now if he was serious or not, I couldn't tell you, but I was having trouble standing up straight let alone thinking straight. So maybe I tried to start some drama by relaying Roy's message to TJ. Well that didn't go well with TJ.

Continued to next day. So TJ informed me that Roy's comment pissed him off & that was all he thought about all day & how he wanted to kick Roy's ass. Whoops. I tried to calm him down - telling him it wasn't a big deal - that neither of them knew each other & he shouldn't take it so seriously - blah blah blah. And when I finally got him to somewhat forget about it, he explained to me that "the thing is, [he] wants to be in a relationship with [me]" and he knows this because he cared so much about me going out and hasn't been able to stop thinking about me since the previous weekend. Then he went on this huge thing about that while the whole time I was probably blushing hardcore.

In the end, all he had to say was, "So...will you go out with me?" I cracked up because I felt like I was in high school when someone passes you a note asking: "will you go out with me. check yes or no." It was so sweet and innocent. I spent the night with him that night. It was amazing. Just lying in his arms and cuddling next to him as he just held me close. Then waking up to him lying beside me, staring at me with a huge smile was a great way to wake up. He had to go to work on Saturday so he was all dressed in his work clothes, ready to leave and it was just cute. Definitely something I can get used to.

Sunday, he came over with Chloe (his dog) and we went swimming. Well, me, him, my parents, & Cheyenne went swimming. Chloe was too chicken (maybe next time). Then I went back to his place in the afternoon to hang out before I had to go back to Tucson. I took a "nap" while he made me dinner. (I say "nap" because I kept going in & out of sleep.) I did hear a conversation he had on the phone with his grandma - I heard him say that he was making dinner for his girlfriend, and yeah, "she's awesome - she's a keeper." :-)

I must be special enough for granny to know.

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