most everything you do make me wanna smile...

Twenty two years ago, I was brought into this world. How lucky are my parents? Ha - I mean, how lucky am I? Seriously. I am one lucky gal. Today, I had an amazing birthday - one of the best birthdays I've had in a looong while. Spent time with the family. Got my GPS for Paula. Took forever getting ready with the help of my family. Went to John's (figured I gotta start calling him by his real name). Was greeted with beautiful flowers. Went to a delicious dinner at My Big Fat Greek Restaurant - had Opa! Went back to John's. Was treated with a full body massage. And just basically had an amazingly wonderful night. Not much happened - just hung out with my man. Amazing. Fantastic. Wonderful. So many words can describe my night. I am one lucky gal.

P/S: I love you. :-)

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