LSNT: August 9th.

Ahhh! It's Tuesday! I am soo stoked for Thursday! Chris & I are packing our bags and taking a road trip to Durango, CO to stay at a cute B&B & ride the Durango-Silverton train! Assuming it's still running that is (I heard there was a recent mudslide that stopped the trains). I'm really looking forward to taking a few days off work to completely relax and bond with Chris. We've been getting along pretty well lately. It truly makes life so much easier when you're getting along with your significant other. I hate stress.

Anyways, on to Learn Something New Tuesday for this week!

1. Christmas is a little over four months away! Do you think the year 2011 went by too quickly?????
yes and no. there's times where I feel like it was just January and then there's times were January seemed so far away.

2. Schools are starting back up! What was your favorite subject?
other than band, it would definitely be chemistry. or math. I really enjoyed math until I got to college. then again I only enjoy chemistry and band in high school too. my favorite subject in college would be this crime class I took.

3. Would you ever consider plastic surgery?
I think the only thing that I get insecure about these days (other than my "fat," but I know I can exercise & eat right to get rid of that) is my nose. I have what we call the "Ramirez bump" (or what I call anyways) which is this awkward bump on the bridge of my nose.

4. How many months is it until your birthday?
12 since my birthday just passed on Sunday!! (wooohooo!)

5. Do you know exactly what you want to do with your life?
for the most part. I know I want to stay in the mine industry. I know I want a family. and I know I want to stay close to my family.

6.Would you be willing to be examined for medical research?
depends on the research and if I'm still alive. If I'm dead then of course! but if I'm alive, I think I would be a little more picky.

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