LSNT: August 23rd!

ahhh! I don't want August to be over. after August will come September and then the cold. eewww...

I still have to post pictures of Chris and mine's trip to Durango, CO - it was so beautiful there. perfect weather and amazingly green. but I've just been so busy and then this weekend I'm going to San Diego with my girls!! it's so nice to have a job so I can go on vacations and stuff. love my life.

anyways, I wanted to get this up before Tuesday ended. :)

If you had $1000 to spend right now on a single thing, what would it be?
so buying $1,000 worth of cds is not acceptable? dang. well the, honestly, there's not a single thing I'm really itching for right now. so I'd probably pay off my credit cards. ha. I'm such a responsible nerd.

Which one of your pets is your favorite?
shhhh, don't tell Ginger, but it's definitely Pepper. you form a different relationship with a pet that you've raised since a puppy versus one you get in the middle of their life. especially one you get so close to because she's dying and you have to give her all your love & attention to keep her alive. she's my little baby. but I do love Ginger lots & would be absolutely heartbroken if we lost her.

Did you ever own a waterbed?
no, but I remember my Tia TK owning one when I was younger and always thinking it was THE coolest thing ever.

What is your favorite color gummy bear?
red and clear. yum.

Do you have any favorite shows that are coming back on soon?
Grey's Anatomy (I'm hoping it'll be better than last season), GLEE!! (sooo stoked to see the winner of The Glee Project on it!), Dancing with the Stars, and Castle. <3

Do you have any great bloggy friends?
I don't think I've made myself known enough in the blogging world to have "bloggy" friends. :(

It's not too late to join in! (at least not here in AZ...)


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