Learn Something New Tuesday! Vol. Two

It's seriously so hard for me to find time to blog. I have ideas of what to blog about but am exhausted by the time I get home from work. (if I'm exhausted from sitting in my office/driving around the mine/going to meetings all day, I'd hate to see how I feel raising kids!) I have a couple more "music in my life" posts to write but again, it's hard for me to find enough time to sit down and write good reviews. but they'll be coming.

It seems every weekend has been jammed-packed for me. This weekend we'll be going to a D-Backs game (courtesy of work - well a vendor we work with) then we'll head down to Tucson on Saturday for a wedding for one of Chris's close friends. (Chris will be the last one out of the group, I think.) then Sunday we'll probably be planting the trees/shrubs that will have been delivered on Friday. phew.

Anyways, onto Learn Something New Tuesday! This week's category is "random."

Do you get nervous before going to a doctors appointment?

indeed I do. I hate not knowing what the outcome may be. I'm always paranoid that something's wrong with me that I didn't notice. I watch too many Discovery Health shows...

Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry?
I used to have these pair of gold loop earrings that had like a little strand spiralling around the loop that my tata gave to me and I loooved, but I dropped one of them down my friend Tracy's sister's drain a long time ago. I still have the other one.
I love LOVE LOOOOVE my engagement ring but I don't get to wear that very often... :(

What type of songs do you sing in the shower?
I really don't sing in the shower. I can never remember the words of songs in the shower.

When you were younger, did you ever have cartoon sheets?
yeah. I remember having Minnie Mouse sheets.

Do you care about the William and Kate wedding?
not really. I think the Kate gal is pretty and has good style but other than that I don't pay too much attention.

How many TV’s are in your house?
I only have one actual TV in the living room. 

wanna join in on the fun?


  1. thanks for joining in again, i'd love to see a pic of your engagment ring

  2. Thanks for joining in!!

    I also didn't care about the wedding...


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