annoyance of the day: trucks that people lift so much they look like monster trucks

example of overly-lifted truck

I don't have a problem with people who drive trucks and I accept the fact that some people like lifting their trucks higher (although I think it looks a little ridiculous), but I don't understand people who lift their trucks so much that it looks monster truck-esque. I absolutely cannot wrap my head around any kind of reasoning as to lifting it so high. I don't think it looks "cool" and I find it unbelievable that anyone would. but people do. and most of the time I will look the other way, but here's why I dislike them so much:
  1. they're lights are blinding
  2. they spew out disgusting black smoke
  3. they can't see where they're going and subsequently can't stay on the road
  4. I can't see around them to pass
  5. they're slow
I mean really. if you have the inability to stay in your lane, then you shouldn't be allowed to drive. and I would think people "soup" up their vehicles to drive faster and look cooler (at least I would) but for some reason every huge-ass truck I get behind is slow - like, below-the-speed-limit slow. what's the point then?

I got stuck behind one of these "monsters" on the way to Chris's office this morning. the speed limit is 25. I was going 15 and still couldn't get far enough behind him to avoid the black cloud while still moving. (it doesn't help that you have to go up this big hill to get to the mine offices.) and then the douche drove down the middle of the road the whole way! it's bad enough the road is already quite narrow. if I were coming the other way (which I would have been if I was 5 minutes earlier), I would be definitely ran off the road, if not crushed.

I want to punch this guy. if you're going to lift your truck so high for wahtever reason, at least respect the other drivers on the road - don't act like you're better than everyone else because you are bigger. you're not a haul truck - you don't scare me.

good news though: this fellow forgot to set his parking brake in the parking lot today and rolled backwards through a fence and into a ditch. and because of our site policy, an incident report had to be filed (which everyone will see tomorrow) and he had to be taken for a drug & alcohol test. I'm sure he got into trouble with his supervisor too. karma tastes so sweet.

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