just another manic monday

I hate Mondays (who doesn't) and I usually try to take it easy Mondays at work to allow myself to recover from the weekend (not the hard-partying recovering, but more the try-to-get-as-much-done-as-you-can-on-your-only-two-days-off-and-still-see-family-and-catch-up-on-favorite-tv-shows-and-get-adequate-sleep kind of recovering). however, with my new responsibilities at work comes less time "take it easy" at work - which is probably the reason why I've felt soo exhausted the past couple of weeks that I have NO energy to do anything let alone work out (thank god I still have 5 months until San Diego).

as I was sitting in my morning meeting today, and filling line after line in my planner, I realized I have a shit load to do today. bummers. (guess no close-the-door-nap). but out of the 16 things I needed to do today, I completed 12 of them, and started 2 of them.

yeeeaaaaaah booooooiiiy.

and now my day is over. amazing. I know.

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