challenge life: [sore]ing to new heights

a bad sign of how out-of-shape I am.

my thighs are sore.
my arms are sore.
my abs are sore.

I just want to crawl into bed, where it's warm and comfy. that would be marvelous.

I didn't have much time yesterday to do much since we had a suns game to go to shortly after we got home. but I did squeeze in half an hour of exercises. I tried to give my thighs a rest and focus on other areas and now my abs and arms are definitely cursing at me. today will probably be another light day of exercises because I don't want to overwork myself and plus I'm supposed to have dinner with the 'rents. hopefully I can find enough motivation to do something despite the FREEZING COLD WEATHER!!!

I know, I know. it ain't no chicago. but damn it's cold. I mean, I live in arizona! it's not supposed to get this cold. when I got to work this morning my phone said it was 16 degrees, but "felt like 3."  the coldest I'm used to is like in the 40s.

no me gusta.

I'm being optimistic though in that the cold weather will encourage the snowbirds to return home since it's probably just a cold there (with maybe some snow).

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