challenge life: the slow start to success

so let's get the pre-challenge stuff out of the way.

current weight:
108 lbs

my problem areas:

area 1: my stomach

I most certainly, by ANY means, do not think I'm fat. I just don't like this gut thing I've got going on. it doesn't look too flattering. I joked with my mom once,

"it looks like I'm 6 weeks pregnant"
"no, because you wouldn't be showing that much at 6 weeks"

gee thanks mom.
area 2: my arms

I have no muscle in my bicep. none. zilch. nada. I just want to be able to carry a watermelon without praying I won't drop it on my feet or be able to easily lift my wheel chokes out of the back of the truck without heaving and hoing. that would be nice.

area 3: my thighs

I used to have pretty nice legs. I would always get compliments. in high school I was in marching band (four years of marching/running around the field) and played tennis and in college I rode my bike to school every day for 2 and half years so my legs always got a good workout. now that I drive all day and spend more than I would like time in the office my legs are starting to get a little jiggly.

so those are the areas I would like to tone. I'm going to start with lighter work outs for now so my body can get used to it again. today I did a lot of thigh exercises and I can really feel it. bleh.

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