Day 17: Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why...and stuff

I've really been slacking in the whole 30-day challenge. I imagine it's only supposed to take 30 days, but I think I'm creeping around day 41 and am only a little over halfway done. Whoops. I've been lazy in life, or what most people would call overwhelmed & stressed to the max. it seems I have this never-ending to-do list in my head, not to mention the bazillion hand-written versions scattered everywhere, and rather than trying to cross them off, I panic and avoided them all together. but I'm determined to finish. my sister megan was able to finish in a timely manner (you go girl) so I can get it done eventually too, right?

it seems odd that less than a year ago, I was studying my butt off (or as much as I would allow myself - I was never the big studier) hoping to pass finals, hoping to find a job, hoping to find somewhere to live, and hoping to get a good review at work all in the same week. and in one day everything fell together into place and life was great. until reality hit.

and maybe my downfall is that I found a job and bought a house right after college. I didn't get a transition period to rent an apartment and start paying bills. instead, I get washed over by a tidal wave of responsibilities and duties as an adult. and it's definitely getting to me lately.
that in combination with ongoing issues with chris and I, I've been pretty down in the dumps and not wanting to do much of anything. I just can't wait for it all to get better.

anyways, back to today's task: who do I want to switch lives with for a day...hmmm...I wouldn't really want anyone to have to suffer through my life right now, but I could switch lives with pepper. yes, my puppy. she's got the life. getting affection and love and attention almost all day long. being able to sleep on the couch or snuggle up under the covers next to the people you love the most. getting to entertain myself with a squeaky ball for hours then entertain myself with a bone for more hours. being so stinkin adorable. and not have to worry about the bills. that's the life. my puppy's got it made. she's pretty spoiled. so switching lives with her would be relaxing. & maybe she can understand why I don't want her chewing on everything.

but if I could, I would want to live in the shoes of a young mother for a day. because I've got that baby itch and maybe that will help me make a decision of whether or not I want kids someday. and maybe I would have a loving & supportive husband/father to help me take care of this child. and maybe we could take him/her to the park & play on the swings or maybe we could take him/her to the zoo to see the animals. maybe we can drive this baby around neighborhoods to look at christmas lights. and maybe this baby & I could sit around and play and listen to michael buble and michael jackson and 'n sync together. maybe our doggies will adore our baby and let him or her crawl all over and snuggle with them. maybe.

 because it's been so long, check out the full list here.

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