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This past semester, in one of my ChEE classes, Blowers had us write down our goals. He wanted us to be detailed and realistic, but still high. I came across mine the other day and thought I'd share them.

  • get master's degree in metallurgy
  • have a winter or summer cabin (either in the mountains or by a lake, respectively)
  • buy my parents a new house
  • have a beagle puppy I can name Copper (Cu)
  • have multiple pets named after elements off the periodic table (like Molybedinum, or Moly for short, Titanium = Ty, Magnesium = Magie, Nitrogen = Nitro, and so on...)
  • have a high paying job that I love and enjoy near home
  • be able to travel when I retire (and some before I retire)
  • have a home where I have my own pond with ducks and fish
  • develop some new, crazy, efficient way of processing minerals
  • have amazinly smart & responsible kids (raise them like I was raised)
  • learn how to play the guitar, piano, drums, & cello - in no particular order
  • when my parents get older, I want to be able to care for them
  • take my kids on a train across some states
  • swim with dolphins
  • have a cd collection as big as my dad's - actually bigger
  • meet someone who doesn't mind spoiling me every once in a while
  • go see the Suns play live
  • be able to sit at home for a day and do nothing but play video games, watch tv, and sleep
  • make someone else's life better

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