a pep talk to myself

I am strong.
I am special.
I can do anything.

sometimes life throws hurdles in our path,
but we just have to keep on going full speed ahead,
looking inside ourselves
for the courage to leap over them
and never look back.
always believe in yourself
as much as others believe in you.

I have this in a little wallet-sized card that my sister (megan) gave me for my birthday. one of the most touching things I've received in awhile. I cried. 

chris and I are going to his grandma's for 9 days. she lives on the edge of new york by pennsylvania. I've been told there's no internet. I'm hoping the lack of technology will allow us to bond and remember not only that we need to live life and not be focused on work all the time but also what brought us together as a couple in the first place. I'm hoping our fire can be reignited and that we can bond again so that I can't stand being in the same room as him.

I am strong.
I am special.
I can do anything.

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  1. I hope you got packed and got a little sleep in. :) Have a great trip!


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