feelin' satisfied...

I know I haven't technically been single for long, and I know it's really not a good idea to just jump into another relationship, but it's hard when I spend time with TJ. I wouldn't exactly say TJ & I have a long history or anything - we've just known each other for a while - and just have been talking again for about a year. But there's just something about him. I really don't know what yet, but there is. He's sweet and thoughtful and caring and someone I can talk to. Being able to talk about our goals and hopes and just lives in general with some is very important to me and something that Chris & mine's relationship lacked. I think that's what ultimately led to the demise of our relationship. So it's nice to listen every once in a while. It's nice to hear someone else's lifelong goal and their path to getting there. It's nice to hear about someone's childhood and how they were raised and how that made them who they are today. I know I'm a big talker and I love talking but it's just nice to listen sometimes. And I wish I got to listen more with Chris.

Spending time with TJ I get those butterflies in my stomach and I really don't know why. He's not my "typical type". He's a "cowboy" - wears the cowboy hat and boots and listens to country (ew). He hunts & fishes & camps - although I don't mind the camping and fishing part since that's something I love too. But I listen to him and I see his ambitions and I see his motivation and desire and I just find that so attractive. It just makes me want to get to know him more and just curl up in his chair and listen to his life. Haha.

But then also part of me feels bad. Then again, another part of me doesn't because it doesn't seem like this breakup is putting too much pain or heartache on Chris. He seems to be taking it rather well & already going out and meeting new people. So maybe hanging out with another guy is not a horrible thing...

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