i heart fashion: nail color of month: July

I'm a big fan of nail colors. I may not paint my nails very often, but I don't like wearing the same color all the time. since my career strips me of showing personality through clothing, nails are the next second things to be creative with. so I often paint my nails to match my mood, the season, and my likes. (on a side note: my toenails will always have color on them. for some reason, I think toenails with no color look completely freakish and unattractive. so if I don't paint my fingernails all the time, I will at least take the time to paint my toenails.)

which leads me to another new series: nail color of the month! (which will be a sub series of "i heart fashion" which will be a series I can share all my favorite fashion items and post things I just adore.) I get an email updates from Glamour magazine quite often and every month they pick their "nail color of the month." very seldom do I agree though because their colors never seem to be in the right season for me or match the mood of our area. but I also think they're on the east coast. so consider this is a west coast version.

I know July is almost over, but it's never too late to change the look of your nails. and I'm not sure how the weather is where you've been, but here in Miami/Mesa, Arizona it's been quite odd. One day it's nearing 115 degrees and sunny and the next it's cloudy and threatening to rain. typical monsoon weather I suppose, but usually our monsoon seasons hit around August/September. so to me, it's been an unusual month. so the color I picked for this month is a nice soft blue, it's Essie's "Lapis of Luxury". 

it kind of reminds me of gloomy-ish days while still being optimistic of pool time. I usually like bright colors for the summer, but I think this is a nice summer color without being too in your face, since that's how I've been feeling here in AZ lately. like today, bright sunny, hot as hell, and then BAM! rain and thunder. 

What do you guys think of my first nail color pick of the month?

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